Xindie 2013, South Korea, Seoul

Urban Creature Born for Indie Music

Urban Creature Born for Indie Music

Then there are architectural lighting projects that illuminate the distinctive features of each building and highlight the building’s vocation. For example, one side of the Maison du Festival is decorated with illuminated photographs of jazz greats.


Building or project owner : Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Korea

Architecture : SCALe

Project artist/ concept/ design/ planning : Tesoc Hah

Facade design : SCALe

Light design : SCALe

Lighting control software : DMX

Project co-ordination : SCALe

Interaction design/ programming : SCALe


Facade type and geometry (structure) : three dimensional structural frame covered with LED lighting panels and glass

Kind of light creation : lighting panel with side LED lighting

Resolution and transmitting behaviour : Low resolution The light patterns are created by its users

Pixel distance : 80-120cm

Luminace : Medium brightness - the façade is only being used at dawn and night.

Urban situation : The building is situated on local municipal government owned street parking in one of the most popular nightlife destinations in Seoul. The building can be seen from all directions.

Description of showreel : An user can download a smart phone application and design his/her own lighting patter effect and choose his/her favorite indie music. Xindie (the building) is therefore performing very personal media performance right in front of the user.

Participatory architecture & urban interaction