City of Dreams 2009, China, Macau


StandardVision designed and implemented a lighting and media system covering over 50,000 square meters of LED display, stretching over four hotel towers and into two large porte-cochere entries. The custom integrated pixel lights, power systems, data mapping systems, data conversion systems, HD distribution systems and software for controls, plus original media content were developed by StandardVision as no “off-the-shelf” solutions could meet their requirements. The extensive media façade was integrated into the architectural fins and is designed intentionally so that the outlines of the buildings are visible at night. The collection of towers combine to create a unique video “screen” that goes way beyond a typical x and y configuration.

The City of Dream’s extensive media façade dominates all four of the hotel buildings. One of the challenges of the overall architecture was balancing the individuality of each individual building into an integrated look that tied the entire hotel / casino complex into a singular presence. Horizontal and vertical exterior fins with over 200,000 integrated pixel lights create an architectural commonality as well as a dynamic media display. Original content by StandardVision combines live action HD video and full color, abstract graphic animations into a mesmerizing display of content that flows seamlessly from building to building and into 2 enormous Porte-cochere ceilings. Literally a monument in light to the new powers of information technology, the system refreshes information to each light 60 times per second.


Building or project owner : Melco Crown Entertainment

Architecture : Arquitectonica

Light design : StandardVision, LLC

Light hardware (LED hardware) : Custom LED hardware - StandardVision,LLC

Lighting control software : Individual pixels receive native DVI input from high-resolution video transmitted over fiber optics to synchronized servers by Electrosonic of Burbank


Facade type and geometry (structure) : LED pixels integrated into the architectural fins

Resolution and transmitting behaviour : 4096 x 768 (each building is 1024 x 768, there are four buildings linked by synchronized servers to create a seamless moving image)

Luminace : 30 nits per pixel; turned on from 5:30pm until 3:00am

Urban situation : within a large urban entertainment complex

Description of showreel : original live action and designed graphic high-definition video

Participatory architecture & urban interaction