The Yas Hotel 2009, United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi

A hotel and a race track

The Yas Hotel, a 500-room, 85,000-square-meter complex, is one of the main architectural features of the ambitious 36-billion-dollar Yas Marina development and accompanying Formula 1 raceway circuit in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Asymptote envisioned an architectural landmark embodying various key influences and inspirations ranging from the aesthetics and forms associated with speed, movement and spectacle to the artistry and geometries forming the basis of ancient Islamic art and craft traditions.

The architectural marvel of the Middle East, YAS Hotel in Abu Dhabi, completed with the launch of the first Formula 1™ race held on October 30th 2009 at the new Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix circuit built around the hotel is the world’ s biggest LED project, to date, controlled through RDM (Remote Device Management) protocol by an advanced lighting control solution provided by e:cue lighting control. The main design attraction of this 500-room, 85,000-square-meter complex, is the curvilinear grid-shell covered with over 5,300 diamond-shaped steel panels, containing nearly 5000 RGBW LED fixtures, controlled by e:cue’ s CONTROL SERVER through RDM protocol. Thirty two e:cue BUTLER XTs, RDM capable, provide bidirectional communication between the LED lighting on the grid-shell, and e:cue’ s CONTROL SERVER for status monitoring of LEDs. The system sends status reports to building management and automatically adjusts the intensity of LEDs to prevent overheating.


Building or project owner : United Arab Emirates

Architecture : Asymptote Architecture

Facade design : Asymptote Architecture

Light design : Arup Lighting, New York

Light hardware (LED hardware) : Enfis/Cooper Lighting

Lighting control software : e:cue lighting control


Urban situation : in the middle of a formula 1 race track

Participatory architecture & urban interaction