Grand Lisboa 2007, China, Macau

A shining casino

When walking through Macau there is one building that catches your attention for sure - the Grand Lisboa. With its egg-like bottom and the lotus flower like top it has a unique form that is supported by visual effects during the night.

Magic Monkey was hired in January 2005 by the prestigious Hong Kong architectural firm DLN to conceive, design and specify the technical requirements for a monumental communication solution for Dr. Ho’s new flagship casino, the Grand Lisboa in Macau, PRC. MM was neither responsible for the final technical equipment selection nor for the installation. Magic Monkey’s design integrated the architecture of the Lotus flower inspired building with thousands of individually controlled RGB LED pixels and kilometers of RGB LED lines to create a gigantic video and light display. As the geometry of the glass façade evolved over the course of the 2 years of designing, so did the position of the pixels and the light lines. The flexibility of the concept allowed for total compliance in regards to evolving architectural design issues and client budgets.


Building or project owner : Dr. Stanley Ho

Architecture : Dennis Lau & Ng Chun Man Architects Engineers

Facade design : R. A. Heintges & Associates

Light design : Magic Monkey

Light hardware (LED hardware) : PXC-73 LED Cluster by Daktronics


Participatory architecture & urban interaction