YTN Center 2013, South Korea, Seoul

Merging media façade with ecological planning

The new headquarters for the YTN broadcasting company in Sangam DMC presents a creative digital media façade, which is in harmony with the fundamental sustainability and reduced ecological footprint of modern metropolitan architecture.

The YTN Headquaters building, when completed in 2013, will present a new landmark in Sangnam DMC. The 60.659sqm construction will offer 17 floors above ground level plus a basement complex and will house both the group's broadcasting facilities and its company offices, as well as additional recreational and gastromomic conveniences. The choice of both location and optimum form of the construction were based on extensive environmental simulations of local weather conditions and available sunlight. Further energy-saving elements such as green roof, PV system and rainwater collection and storage facilities help reduce the building's ecological footprint to a minimum. Incorparating a media façade into this ecological concept therefore represented a considerable challenge. The solution proved to be a proprietary, low-energy LED lighting installation, using A-deco fixtures from Galaxia Electronics, which will be integrated into the façade's motorized outdoor louvre system, thus enhancing the building with a responsive, almost living, media skin.


Architecture : Hee-rim

Light design : Galaxia Electronics

Light hardware (LED hardware) : Galaxia Electronics


Urban situation : Landmark building with 17 floors

Participatory architecture & urban interaction