iLIGHT 2015, Belgium, Wetteren

Interactive Built Prototype

iLIGHT is an Interactive Installation that raises awareness about energy saving while using latest advancements within Light Design. A prototype presented within the Professional Lighting Design Convention 2015, is supported by Zumtobel, Roblon, Energolux, VIA-Verlag, Direct-Line Inox and Interactive Design.

iLIGHT Interactive Installation, currently in Design Phase, raises awareness on energy saving by using new lighting design solutions and renewable energy sources. The passersby activate the installation which fades out slowly as they move away. The focus is on transmitting this knowledge to the public and creating a dynamic pattern. The interactive space also includes the concept of drawing with light, as being activated by the presence of the passersby and their gestures. Besides being artistically, it will be educative as well, using new lighting technologies and creating a space that would take into account the user, be welcoming and intriguing, unique and interesting in the same time. LED as well as OLED is a technology that is used today due to its low energy consumption, but also the possibility of integrating it within other materials, glass for example, and creating composite high-tech materials. Media Architecture is one field that uses this LED technology that allows to the creation of some dynamic spaces and visually challenging solutions. iLIGHT is intended for indoor as well as outdoor spaces and a prototype was presented within the Professional Lighting Design Convention in 2015 in Rome.




Building or project owner : Interactive Design

Architecture : Interactive Design

Project artist/ concept/ design/ planning : Interactive Design

Kinetic engineering : Zumtobel

Light design : Zumtobel, Roblon, Energolux

Technical layout light : Zumtobel, Energolux

Light hardware (LED hardware) : Roblon

Lighting control software : Zumtobel

Project co-ordination : Roblon, Energolux

Interaction design/ programming : Zumtobel

Project sponsor/ support : Zumtobel, Roblon

Pixel or other basic module/ elements : Direct-Line Inox


Kind of light creation : Sensorial (Zumtobel ED-SENS sensors) and using an OpticalFiber Mesh (Roblon SR PMMA Ø8.0mm)

Participatory architecture & urban interaction

Impact : iLIGHT received the interest of numerous Light Designers / Architectural Designers / Engineers / Researchers / Artists based on the use of latest advancements within Light Design and its innovative Interactive feature.

Tools used : Zumtobel LITECOM Zumtobel ED-SENS sensors Roblon SR PMMA Ø8.0mm (OpticalFiber Mesh) Roblon FL 500


Michael Loos Photography

Cristina R. Maier

Cristina R. Maier

Cristina R. Maier

Cristina R. Maier