Interactive Media Sculpture "The Tree of Knowledge" 2020, Ukraine, Kyiv

Interactive Media Sculpture

In the lobby of the corporate university DTEK Academy, you can find an interactive media sculpture "The Tree of Knowledge" a symbol of living and growing knowledge. Supported by light and projection effects, it reflects the essence of Mind Energy, which is the Academy's core concept. The amorphous spatial structure displays particles, cells, neural connections that are all the components from which an integral and united information field is formed. Dynamic 3d-mapping is projected onto the sculpture. It continues in media color pulses on specially designed linear luminaires on the ceiling. Controllable RGB spotlights inside amplify the volume and spatiality of the sculpture. A special mode of the sculpture is interactivity. Its content can change from interaction with people who approach it, just like it happens in the general information field where each participant makes his or her contribution and also receives something from common resources in response. And all that is accompanied by the interactive soundtrack.

DTEK Academy is one of the significant residents of UNIT City, officially recognized as the best corporate university in the world. Our interactive media sculpture lives in the hall of the DTEK Academy. Its concept is linked to the general paradigm of this intellectual, innovative, and creative environment. The main slogan of the Academy is Mind Energy. To display it, we have created a multifaceted image symbolizing the particles that form everything around us, neural connections, cells pulsing with energy in a continuous process of knowledge exchange and intellectual growth. The sculpture is made of recycled material, the remains of footwear production. A spatial form similar to a tree is formed from them. A 3d-mapping is projected onto this discrete sculpture, and inside it, there are controllable RGB spotlights. Projections and lights change dynamically with different programs. The sculpture is integrated into the interior space, stretching with media light pulses to the ceiling through specially designed linear lights. Another feature of the sculpture is interactivity: approaching it, a person influences the projected content, just as each student brings their knowledge into the general information field and also receives some from it. As a person approaches, the tree projections begin to liven up, grow and move dynamically. That was realized with a kinetic sensor and a control system that allows projection and light to be displayed following human movements. All these activities are accompanied by soundtracks. A special task was to link all the components of the installation into a single control system. As a result, internal lamps in the sculpture, external projections on it, media lines on the ceiling, soundtracks, and sensors for interactivity are controlled from a single server.




Building or project owner : DTEK Academy, a corporate university of DTEK energy company

Project artist/ concept/ design/ planning : artist - Valerii Kuznetsov

Light design : Mykola Kabluka, Expolight, Ukraine

Technical layout light : Expolight, Ukraine

Display content/ visuals/ showreel : Expolight, Ukraine

Light hardware (LED hardware) : Expolight, Ukraine

Lighting control software : Expolight, Ukraine

Project co-ordination : Expolight, Ukraine

Interaction design/ programming : Expolight, Ukraine


Participatory architecture & urban interaction

Host organization : DTEK Academy, a corporate university of DTEK energy company


Andrii Shurpenkov

Andrii Shurpenkov

Andrii Shurpenkov

Andrii Shurpenkov

Andrii Shurpenkov

Andrii Shurpenkov

Savchenko Yevhenii, Melnikov Oleh