Chatty Bench Festival Community Media Visual Projections 2021, Australia, Canada, Brisbane

Community stories are front, centre and loud on the walls of Kelvin Grove Urban Village

The stories of the community of the Kelvin Grove Urban Village light up its walls.

CBF CMVP continues the legacy of Chatty Bench Project ( as it emphasizes the participatory creation of place-based digital stories towards community advocacy and social justice activism. It differs in that it moves away from the screen of the smartphone and superimposes these stories onto building facades as visual projections. In projecting these digital stories, it extended the vision of Chatty Bench Festival where “everyone’s story” is visible in public space. The project aimed to tackle issues of social isolation experienced in the neighbourhood of Kelvin Grove prior to and during the COVID-19 pandemic. It sought to build community connections and networks by providing the community with the opportunity for collaborative creative digital making and placemaking (face-to-face) to enhance the community spirit of KGUV. The project facilitated by artists Kavita Gonsalves and Kofi Oduro, Montreal-based creative coder, involved workshops where KGUV community members contribute digital media made generated via a smartphone about their experiences of living, working, and studying in Kelvin Grove. They were further invited to learn and contribute creative code where the digital stories were visually patterned and contorted (like those seen in music festivals) with the open-source live-coding tool Hydra. CBF CMVP took place on 4th December 2021 as the final event of the Chatty Bench Festival. In the creation of a collective digital immersive experience of KGUV (the place), community members and artists came under the stars to break bread, have conversations, meet an old friend, and laugh over the silly/fun/sad digital media under the night sky. A bonus was that it rained while the projections took place.



Building or project owner : Kavita Gonsalves & Kofi Oduro

Project artist/ concept/ design/ planning : Project Concept & Facilitators: Kavita Gonsalves & Kofi Oduro Project Contributors: Agapetos Fa'aleava, Aimee Hourigan , Ashwin Nagappa, Chris Shan, Daniel Brown, Georgina B, Heather Bourke-Bashar, Katie Barrett, Jade Adlem-Marton, Sadhvi Krishnamoorthy, William Yao, Marcus Foth, Jared Donovan

Project co-ordination : Kavita Gonsalves

Interaction design/ programming : Kofi Oduro

Project sponsor/ support : Communify, QUT Design Lab, & QUT Urban Informatics.


Facade type and geometry (structure) : Projectors and speakers

Resolution and transmitting behaviour : Projectors: Two projectors, Fixed position installation, Panasonic PT-DZ13KE, four inputs for playback from any HDMI source Resolution: WUXGA 1920 x 1200, 16:10 native resolution Throw size: 9.6m x 6m per projector

Luminace : Projector brightness: 12000 ANSI lumen

Participatory architecture & urban interaction

Community or communities involved : The Chatty Bench Project is a community collaboration between KGUV PBC, Communify, Village Church & QUT Design Lab. The project brings together local stories of Kelvin Grove Urban Village residents with art, performance and locative media technology: enabling one to engage in a hybrid (physical and digital) urban design and placemaking project. The project is situated in the Kelvin Grove Urban Village and uses its many landmarks and places as engagement locations.

Issues addressed : aim of combatting loneliness and social isolation Used of technological tools to bring participatory creation

Impact : These stories have been made in an experimental way. The functionality may vary depending on device and operative system (Android Chrome seems to work best). If nothing appears on the link you visited, or it's slow, please try another! CBF Community Media Visual Projections: Digital Media Contributors: :

Tools used : LivecodingYoutube Hydra Projector Smartphone Cameras Cellphones


QUT Design Lab/Urban Informatics Research Group/July-Oct 2020.

QUT & Kavita

QUT & Kavita

QUT & Kavita

QUT & Kavita

QUT & Kavita

Facilitation & Coordination: Kavita Gonsalves

QUT & Kavita