Light Falls 2022, Brazil, Germany, United States of America,

light sculpture

Water plays a fundamental role in human life, whether in the biological, social or historical field, it is an indispensable element but has suffered from the contamination of human action. The work questions the importance of preserving this resource and reminds us of the importance of maternal contact with nature and that we are part of it as a whole

LIGHT FALLS bring into the city the beauty and power of nature in its most powerful form, the waterfall. Water is a very important resource, capable of generating life and energy, lighting cities and bringing human connection. At 5 meters high, the installation impresses with its size, shape and colors. The lights create the organic movement of the water illuminating the tubes that intertwine on the ground creating the effect of the water hitting the rocks accompanied by the ambient sound of the Amazon rainforest.


Building or project owner : Vigas

Architecture : Douglas Marote (Rizomatique)

Project artist/ concept/ design/ planning : Vigas

Structural engineering : Douglas Marote (Rizomatique)

Light design : Vigas

Technical layout light : Douglas Marote and Ihon Yadoya (Rizomatique)

Display content/ visuals/ showreel : Vigas

Light hardware (LED hardware) : WS2815

Lighting control software : MadMapper by GarageCube

Project co-ordination : Douglas Marote & Vigas

Pixel or other basic module/ elements : Pixel Box by Lumikit


Facade type and geometry (structure) : Light sculpture designed with 150mm flexible tubes, LED strips, structural elements and electronic components.

Kind of light creation : Light animation with RGB addressable LED strips, inspired by water and waterfalls. Visual content created and controlled by light animation software.

Pixel distance : 12mm

Participatory architecture & urban interaction