Luminous at Darling Quarter 2012, Australia, Sydney

Named by Wall Street Journal as “setting an international benchmark in urban digital innovation”, this interactive art installation encourages play, communication and heightens the shared experience.

Ramus created Luminous – the world’s largest interactive light display in Darling Quarter Sydney across the façade of Commonweath Bank Head office.

Ramus created Luminous, the world’s largest interactive light installation for Commonwealth Bank Head Office in Sydney. Spanning 150 meters across two large campus-styled commercial buildings, this installation allows people to instantly 'paint' the building with light, using a variety of colours programmed into two consoles situated within the public park adjacent to the facade. There are a number of visual modes. The basis of visual content throughout the week is pre-programmed content designed by Artistic Director, Bruce Ramus. Throughout the weekend, interactive 'live play' mode is activated, where the public can paint their own light shows across the buildings. At all times, there is a Luminous online portal, where people can go online and become 'light show directors', adding and creating their own light shows to play on the building at their own set time. Content created online is moderated by Ramus. Bruce Ramus brought a passion for light, a deep understanding and an extensive background in show direction to carefully forming this interactive installation, traveling the world as a former show Director for international artists such as U2, David Bowie and James Brown. Bruce led Ramus studio in developing the vision, designing and integrating the installation and working closely with building and architectural partners to realize this world-first idea.


Building or project owner : Lend Lease

Architecture : FJMT

Project artist/ concept/ design/ planning : Ramus

Structural engineering : Aurecon

Facade design : FJMT

Facade construction : Lend Lease

Kinetic engineering : Aurecon

Light design : Ramus

Technical layout light : Ramus and Klik Systems

Display content/ visuals/ showreel : Ramus

Light hardware (LED hardware) : Klik Systems

Lighting control software : Ramus and Iion

Project co-ordination : Ramus

Membrane skin : Ramus

Interaction design/ programming : Iion

Project sponsor/ support : Sydney Harbour Forseshore Authority


Facade type and geometry (structure) : Illuminated Façade, the entire façade of the buildings adjacent to the public park becomes an interactive digital canvas with low energy lights and solar power. The mullions are made of natural timber and irregularly spaced like rows of trees in a forest. Between these deep, profiled posts are adjustable timber louvres that control heat and glare, auto-adjusted according to the sun's position.

Kind of light creation : Luminous is an interactive light installation displayed across two campus-style commercial buildings, occupied by Commonwealth Bank. The installation can be controlled by touch-screen kiosks located in the park facing the facade, or content can be generated online at a purpose-built website. When there is no interaction, Luminous runs content crafted by Light artist Bruce Ramus.

Resolution and transmitting behaviour : Luminous offers the precinct a radiant, breathtaking permanent backdrop.Using touch screen kiosks located at the site, or a smart-phone app, visitors can play games on the facade in real time, make visual music and unique paintings with light. A website for Luminous also allows users to design a light show from home, using

Pixel distance : 557 windows, each window contains it's own programmable LED light, becoming a programmable pixel.

Urban situation : Luminous at Darling Quarter offers the Sydney community a breathtaking heart. Luminous enlivens the experiences of visitors to Darling Quarter, uniting Sydney and it's visitors with wonderment, innovation and exploration. Being the Commonwealth Bank Head Office, this commercial property is offering the public a unique experience to interact with and own with pride.

Description of showreel : This video offers a view into the possibilities and vision of Luminous.

Participatory architecture & urban interaction


Robin Thompson

Robin Thompson

Robin Thompson

Robin Thompson