Restaurant “Normal” 2018, Ukraine, Kiev

“Normal” is a restaurant in Kyiv, Ukraine. The concept of this place aims at changing the atmosphere

“Normal” is a restaurant in Kyiv, Ukraine. Its interior applies an augmented reality technology. With the use of 3D-mapping, the graffiti on the walls are complemented by the content with varying the degree of activity in accordance to the emotional state of one or another time of the day.

Augmented reality is getting deeper and broader in our lives, so in a restaurant called “Normal” in Kyiv we introduced it in our interior: painted graffiti on the walls are complemented by digital patterns, created using 3D-mapping technology. The task was to make it possible to change the atmosphere in the restaurant depending on the schedule. “Normal” is located in one of the best business centers of Kyiv, so during the day there could be business meetings and lunches, while in the evening it becomes a bar, and closer to the night it transforms into a club. This diversity of transformations in the interior is achieved by color choices. The daylight scene is static and uses neutral tones; in the evening, however, the dynamics are added with more active color palette, and then there comes more red in a nightclub mode, while the graffiti get supplemented by the content of different activity degrees, matching the emotional background of one or another time of the day. The graffiti, which are painted on two perpendicular walls, comes to life due to mapping and becomes the most attractive element of the interior. More than 30 variations of projections change themselves according to the special timings in consistency with common scenes of lighting. Special constructions, which cover the back part of the wall, are formed from the individually made mushroom-like lighting devices. Each of these devices is a separately controlled pixel, which allows for launching different dynamic lighting patterns. The backlight of the bar counter is also diversely dynamic and is able to change its color spectrum. All the lighting is controlled by a difficult system that we specially designed to make a new color scene each day and each hour. Different sources of light and lighting devices are controlled through this single system, which is made in such a way, that with all of the manifold and a big amount of elements, controls feel as simple and automated as possible.


Project artist/ concept/ design/ planning : YOD Design Lab, Kiev, Ukraine

Light design : Expolight, Dnipro, Ukraine

Technical layout light : Expolight, Dnipro, Ukraine

Display content/ visuals/ showreel : Expolight, Dnipro, Ukraine

Light hardware (LED hardware) : Expolight, Dnipro, Ukraine

Lighting control software : Expolight, Dnipro, Ukraine


Kind of light creation : Multimedia LED light sources and 3D-mapping.